5 Common Issues With Your FurnaceWhen the winter weather arrives, several people call for the furnace repair exerts due to their heating system problems. No matter, it is your residential or commercial heating system, it can get the issues frequently. Furnace system problems are something that requires only professional technicians rather than DIY.

There are 5 common problems with your furnace. By knowing the common furnace problems, you can use the protective measures.

  • Clogged Air Filter
    In case, your furnace does not blow the hot air for a long time, it may be the clogged filter behind this. The dust builds ups on the filter reduces the air flow which also causes your furnace poor performance and higher utility bills.
  • Scraping Sound
    If you notice a loud scraping sound like metals bear up with another metal, it means something amiss with the blower wheel. On hearing this kind of sound, turn off your furnace and call service experts immediately.
  • Loud Before Getting A Start
    When you start your furnace, and it makes a loud pop, there could be many things behind it such as dusty furnace burner, etc. A dirty burner cause gas to build up and it makes a loud bang to hear when you are getting it on. It can even end up in creating safety problems such as heat exchanger cracking issues.
  • Cold Air Blowing
    There are two reasons when your furnace blows cold air instead of warmer. One is when ignition gets fail, and another possible reason could the air bubbles in the gas lines that also stalls ignition.
  • Furnace Won’t Turn Off
    Your furnace that is not turning off happens due to electrical problems within the control system. In such situation turn off the gas supply to the furnace immediately and contact HVAC technician.

If your furnace is not working correctly, you must consider hiring a licensed contractor. The well-trained professionals know everything about your system to provide satisfying services.

Feel free to contact Vaughan Air Solutions to get your furnace repaired by licensed HVAC contractors. We specialize in providing 24/7 emergency and same day services to our residential and commercial clients.