Air Conditioning Hot summer days and noticing your air condition is not working correctly is one of the common problems. The most frustrating thing is knowing that there is no equipment’s fault, but your poor maintenance behind it.

The whole situation makes you ready for costly repair. Well, below are significant issues with your AC that requires experts’ assistance.

    • No Cool Air
    • If you notice that your AC equipment is working, but it is not making the cool air blow, then you need to analyze the refrigerant levels. The refrigerants make sure that the air coming out through the AC is cool.

      • The Fan Doesn’t Rotate
        Condenser fan is not rotating could be that it is burned out. Humidity or if the water is not draining correctly might be the culprits for this problem.
      • Short Cycling System
        Is your AC turning on and off repeatedly for multiple times? If yes, several reasons could be behind it, but dirty condenser or evaporator is a common reason. Once it has been cleaned, your AC will get back to its job.
      • Not Cooling The Room
        First, lower the temperature on your thermostat. If it does not affect the cooling system, then a dirty air filter is the apparent reason for cooling troubles. Unfortunately, this one is a frequent issue with your AC.


      Whatever AC problem runs into, licensed HVAC contractors are here to help you. At Vaughan Air solution, we are the full-service AC installation, repair and maintenance services provider in Vaughan. We are available 24/7 to deal with your AC breakdown efficiently.