AC Efficiency Keep cool and save utility bills on AC. It seems like a joke, but you can get it. When your energy bills continue to increase, and your usage remains the same, you have to consider this. Air conditioners are a necessary part of your life that help you to handle the hot days of summer. But, you also have to think over the increasing power bills. To make a balance between the utility bills and your AC efficiency, here are some simple tips.

  • Clean Around The Unit
    Make sure to clean around the unit at least twice in a year. After removing the debris, your unit will work better. Remember to turn off the power to the unit before you start cleaning.
  • Keep Thermostat Up
    In winter, keep your thermostat up while keeping it down in summer will save cost. For this, a programmable thermostat is better that automatically do this for different times a day.
  • Close The Curtains & Blinds
    During summer, sun heat makes your room hotter, and AC performance becomes disappointing. If you keep your blinds and curtains closed, you can prevent heat to enter in your room. Thus, the thermostat will not need to work too hard.
  • Clear Your Drain Line
    An indoor cooling coil has a drain which you need to clear. For this, you can flush a cup of chlorine bleach down the AC drain. Then, follow it up with a gallon of water.
  • Change Your Filter
    As per the manufacturing guidelines, you must change your air filter on time. An unchanged filter for a longer time will build up the grime and dirt which affect the airflow and reduces its lifespan. If you change it on time, you can help your AC work for a long time.

These tips can help you to save on utility and improve the efficiency of your cooling system. Still, if you are getting any problem, then visit Vaughan Air Solutions. We specialize in HVAC installation, repair, and overall maintenance services for almost all make and model. We offer 24/7 emergency and same day services.